Environmental Responsibility

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At Arkadi we focus on respect for nature and the environment, complying with European and national legislation, while at the heart of our choices is the adoption of green practices, to contribute to a more sustainable future:

oWe constantly invest in the development of high-quality formulas, guaranteeing high efficiency even at very low temperatures, such as the new Arkadi Plant Active Detergents which are effective from 30°C. contributing to energy savings by

oMost packaging of Arkadi liquid products is produced either from recycled plastic, from recycled fishing nets or nets from agricultural operations, thus contributing the most to the protection of the marine water element.* Arkadi product packaging is 100% recyclable**.

oFollowing zero-plastic philosophy, ARKADI bar soaps are now available in paper packaging, saving 3.5 tons of plastic per year.

oThe NEW Arkadi dishwashing liquids come in practical, refillable pump packaging and refill pouches, saving 80% less plastic.

At Arkadi we are committed to changing for the better, by reducing our environmental footprint and investing steadily in new, even more environmentally friendly solutions, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future.

*Recycled net packaging is made from at least 50% recycled fishing nets, cables and ropes that are collected from the sea, οr at least 50% recycled nets from agricultural works, such as fruit harvesting.

** Always consult instructions on product labels.