In 1946, Georgios Malikoutis founded the soap factory called “Arkadi”, a name given to honor the historic Arkadi Monastery in Rethymno, as well as to the Arkadi province, famous for its olive oil production. The company started making white soaps, in large white plates, the “tampacas”, as well as shavings and flakes, from the olive oil of the area that was left unused due to its high acidity. So, at a time when the production was mainly consisted of green soap, the “Arkadi” soap factory was differentiated.


The Arcadian Green Soap Shavings is launched.


In 1970 the company was passed over to his two children, Nicholas and Zacharias Malikoutis.

True to the vision and the philosophy they inherited, they made “Arkadi” soaps known to the wider Greek market.


The green soap multi-pack is launched.


The baton is handed over to Arkadi third generation, to the grandchildren of the founder George Malikoutis and the children of Nikos Malikoutis.


Redesign of the Arkadi logo.


Launch of Arkadi washing machine powders new packaging.


Launch of the new innovative products Arkadi Baby Liquid washing machine detergent & Arkadi Baby washing machine Softener.


The New Arkadi era with the redesign of the logo, the redesign of all packages and the launch of the new Arkadi Family Double action washing machine detergent for the whole family.

Natural Green Soap Olive Oil - History
Natural Green Soap - History
Natural Green Soap Olive Oil - Soap Factory Arkadi - History
Soap Factory Arkadi - Natural Green Soap Olive Oil - History