“Arkadi”, since 1946, produces soap bars and flakes, in the traditional way.

With a production recipe based on natural ingredients – olive oil & palm oil, sea salt and water – we offer a whole range of products for natural cleanliness. Natural cleaning products, produced in Greece, with natural raw materials, without synthetics, additives, colors or fragrances, that are environmentally friendly, since they are 100% biodegradable. The “Arkadi” soap’s journey continues with the same principles of unsurpassable and timeless quality, but always looking ahead to the future, offering pure, quality products to the Greek family. True to the vision and philosophy of our founder, we look to our past as we head to the future.

That’s why we try, everyday, to ensure that Arkadi products are the safest choice for the people, the animals, the air and the sea, for all the surfaces and fabrics, both inside and outside of every household. We want our products to make the difference and be the safest solution.

The Arkadi brand today:

– Produces natural olive oil soaps

– Produces natural palm oil soaps

– Produces natural washing powder from olive oil, sea salt and water

– Washing machine Liquid detergent with green soap and softener with natural olive extract

– Creates innovative washing formulas for the clothes of the whole family

– It holds international certifications for the Arkadi products it produces